Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do your kids make you a little nuts?

Can anyone tell me if teenage girls actually have floors in their rooms?
Has anyone ever notice that sweet, fruity,vanilla-y smell emanating from their room?
Why are their beds never made?
I thought the clothes were supposed to hang by the rod up top.
I had no idea that clothes were a lot like ivy climbing up a wall.
Do your teenage girls leave what looks to be melted people in lots of piles all over their room? Seriously, they just drop everything right where they are standing. Sometimes, they even leave their shoes in the middle of it.

I have one nice bottle of perfume in my bathroom. I get a new one every year. Because they are so expensive.
Why do my daughters have multiple bottles of this very expensive perfume in their room?

They have better phones than I do first. Then, I wait a year to catch up and have a nice one of my own. Only to find out I bought last year's model...

Why do they spend ten minutes arguing over something it would take either one of them 30 seconds to do? And then complain that her sister doesn't want to help her later?

Why is it okay for teenage daughters to fill up her gas tank with your gas card every Monday, drive her friends everywhere all week, and complain that she doesn't have enough money to get gas to run an errand for you?

Why do teenage girls complain and act completely ungrateful toward us, and then get so upset and angry when their step-siblings act ungrateful toward them?

Sometimes my girls babysit. They come home frustrated and complaining about the rude and disrespectful way one of the little ones spoke to them. Then then they complain when they have to repeatedly tell the little ones not to do something, and the little ones keep on doing it.

Is it wrong that I think that their frustration is hilarious, and hope someday their own kids make them as crazy as they've made me???


  1. Yes, yes, yes, and our only consolation is the fun we will have laughing at them when they are parents ... or maybe because just sometimes they do something spontaneously generous or thoughtful and it seems to make it all worth while, that maybe you didn't make such a hash of bringing them up after all.
    thanks for sharing
    much love Martine

  2. My daughter is only 10, and she has the melting people in her room already.