Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How old are you??

Coming home from work today, I anticipated an afternoon filled with important things.

Like watching my DVR. I had to catch up on a few of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that my youngest child, who is fourteen, stayed home sick today and had commandeered the TV attached to the DVR.

I prepared to watch one of those teen shows on MTV, or something equally "cool." She's in her last year of middle school, so I see a lot of eye rolls, hear a lot of UGH's, and I am generally reminded every second of everyday that she is growing up!

What do I find? Noggin. Spongebob. The Fairly Oddparents.

Huh? I guess growing up is put on hiatus when you're fourteen and don't feel good.

I hear her calling for me.

Somebody wants her Mommy.

If only for a little while...


  1. Nothing replaces Mommy, except a well placed 4 hour cartoon marathon....wink.

  2. I hope she's feeling better .....

    PS--I LOVE Spongebob!