Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My husband, R, is a great guy. (As you can see, I still don't have a clever name for him...after you read this post, maybe you can give me some ideas!) He has a great sense of humor, although he's not always politically correct. He is my best friend, my business partner, my lover. (sigh)

We own a small business together. He doesn't always tell people he is one of the owners of our business. (He doesn't want people to think he's egotistical or self absorbed.)R loves practical jokes. One such example: A client comes in for the first time. He's doing the initial consultation. He calls me over, to consult with him. He cuts and I do the color. I am in my most professional mode, starting the consultation, when he leans down and whispers in the client's ear, "you know, she only has this job because she sleeps with the boss..."

Thanks, honey.

Really, if you knew me, you'd know I love my man. He is very talented and he's truly handy. He can design a floor plan, he can build just about anything, lay tile flooring, rewire a house, fix a car. R can figure out how to do just about anything. He can help anyone while they're shopping, looking at clothing the same way he looks at hair. He can fight. He's one of the most incredible athletes I've ever met. (We play on a softball team together. Most of the guys are in their thirties, and he is fasterquickersmarter than they are. They will all attest to this fact. I'm not bragging....really, I'm not!

I seriously think he is the perfect man.....almost. He cannot figure out how to work the dryer. Or the vacuum cleaner. Or the dishwasher. WHY?!?!?! This man can take a computer apart, fix it and put it back together. Yet, he stands in front of the dryer, cursing it, and can not figure out how to turn the damn thing on..... he gets angry. Finally he yells to me, "KENSI, I can't turn the damn dryer on. How the hell does this thing work? I'm not doing this crap again..." I calmly walk into the laundry room and press the button that says..."PRESS AND HOLD TO START"....

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