Monday, October 12, 2009

Dual Personality

Sabrina, my youngest is fourteen years old. She is a wonderful kid. I realize that she's not all grown up yet, but she's getting there.

Sabrina is very outgoing. She's one of those people who's never met a stranger. As teenage daughters go, she's been a dream. She doesn't do most of the things a lot of other teens do. She comes home when she's supposed to, not too interested in boys, yet, and she enjoys sitting in the back yard, talking to her best friend through the fence. So many things I see in her life are nearly idyllic. A typical night in our home has me cooking dinner while the girls are on their computers or doing homework. All of the girls are pretty good about doing what they are supposed to do, although Sabrina has a touch of ADD and can't always remember what she's supposed to be doing. For the most part, that's my biggest complaint.

Until the third week of the month.

Sabrina turns into the monster from hell. You know what I'm talking about. Aunt Flo, her "friend" from out of town. The dreaded week of the PERIOD.

My darling Sabrina turns into satan.

Does anyone remember Linda Blair in The Exorcist?

She looks like an angel compared to Sabrina at that time.

We've tried everything from grounding her to threatening to send her to Egypt once a month.

Nothing's worked so far, so I've decided to try another tactic. Last month, my blood pressure rose to dangerous levels.

My sense of self preservation has taken over.

I'm thinking I'll be spending my day tomorrow at Target, buying lots of chocolate, Midol and heat packs. Then I'll run to the grocery store for grapes.

I found the fan last month...

I might be gone a few days.... you'll find me in Her Majesty's room....

peeling grapes and fanning her.

Hoping to survive the week.

There's a reason I named her Sabrina here.

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