Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dancing The Night Away?

I remember my first school dance. It was 1986 or 1987. Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana song was popular. Going in, I was scared to death. I wondered if anyone would ask me to dance. I wondered if I would look stupid trying if they did. The closest thing I'd done to dance at that point was to turn on the stereo on the counter top in my grandmothers kitchen and shake my booty in my nightgown. (I may have been wearing an ankle length nightgown one night. It may have been made of a rather inflexible fabric. And I may have kicked my leg high in the air.... while the fabric tightened around my other leg. And pulled it out from under me.) So.... I'd not had much experience with the whole dancing thing.

Throughout my school days, I occasionally going to dances, but never danced with boys. They were always too cool. We girls would get together in a group shake our hips and snap our fingers, no dirty dancing in my school. Has anyone seen how the teen boys dance today? As the mother to teenage girls, let me tell you... I'm. Not. Happy.

My girls won't even dance in front of me. They say it would be "awkward". Um, I'm thinking it would be awkward only if it was inappropriate.

In any case, tonight two unusual things happened. My two seventeen year olds went to the local elementary school dance. ( They don't know any of the students there.) They just went to chaperon. They had to make sure the little ones didn't get out of hand. I was so proud of them. They are showing me everyday that they are growing and maturing. I'm finally feeling , maybe a little smugly, that it's nice how well they've turned out. I can totally trust them. Right?

The second unusual thing that happened, was that they wanted to go over to a friend's house. After 10 pm. That alone wouldn't be that unusual. What made it unusual is that this particular friend has been out of high school for two years, and comes and goes as she pleases. She is considered an adult by her parents. So my girls mature, responsible girls would be staying away from home tonight. They showed us earlier tonight how mature they are, they volunteered their time to young children tonight. They acted as role models.

Yeah, I don't think so. They are in their own beds tonight.

They are too young to be out without a chaperon.

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